Depression or just fed up

271186968059_1_0_1I’m not sure just where DD#2 is coming from today.. Her morning was filled with errands.   Dog #1 to vet with Hubby driving.    Then Driving me to the store for a grub run… but she is totally exhausted and “depressed”??   Just tired of it all.    I made her go lay down and let me bring in & put away the groceries.

Her Hubby had to go mow his mother’s 3 acres and then come in to get the old bed/mattress  out so the new one can be delivered.   She was a bit needy and went back to sleep after “he” fixed her a sandwich.    The Thrush is back and nothing tastes good.    (**except something sweet**)  I hate those dark circles under her eyes…  but that is the price we pay to get rid of her cancer.

I think a delivery of flowers would help;  A card or  just a really long nap??    She was hoping to go to work tomorrow..    Maybe half a day?     But it is taking longer for her to recover from the Chemo.. She hates feeling “nasty”   or “bad”.



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