DSCN7814My Son came in with his camper & smoker equipment.  Set up in the back patio and made some of the greatest tasting “meats” that I’ve ever sunk my teeth into.  Three great days of eating a Master Griller’s Goodies!!    His vacation, MY REWARD.      I think he should come more often.

DSCN7830And HIS latest “toys”  … a drone and a dog!!   The sweetest Rotty I ever met ((and I have met quite a few dogs in my life!!)  2 and 4 legged kind))   And a “spy drone” ??  ufo launch

The Sister and Brother got to spend some quality time together, even tho she had to work during the days he was here.   Son N Law had to run out to his Mother’s place to take care of her lawn,  otherwise those 2 “men”  kept me busy wondering what mess they would make in MY kitchen.


Friday, the 10th, He had to leave in order to get home and clean out his camper before heading back to work on Monday…  and maybe have a “week end” to REST from his vacation. 

FRIDAY  was also a  day for getting great news about DD#2’s Cancer.   She had a full body scan done on Wednesday and got the results back!!   Many of the tumors are gone.. Clear liver, clear chest, and the breast tumor has shrunk so much!!!   Only 3 more rounds of Chemo Therapy will be done; A total of 6 rounds instead of the 8 we thought were needed.   By September we will be through the worst of this “journey”.     AS for radiation and surgery— we don’t know as yet.   Back to the WAIT AND SEE mode of living for now.

johns bike may2015 We are represented by our favorite “man of the house”  at this years “saving the Ta-Ta’s”  biker event  here in our little corner of Cyber Space.  The bike is ready!!    Now to catch that “MAN” in his Shirt for that event….??    Camera is ready but haven’t seen him modeling the BIKER shirt yet.

This is turning out to be a great VACATION for everyone…  Praise the Lord!!



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