more progress

I'd choose UMore progress….

I got my Thank you cards finished and in the mail..  (a little money making side line.. need to buy more paper. LOL)

A MASSAGE!!   I made an appointment and kept it.   ( I love getting all the aches, pains and sore spots found)    This afternoon was the day & time.   Whew,  after fixing Supper….. I’s  TARD!    

DD#2 is also exhausted.. She calls it her “chemo Brain” day.     I call it just normal life after getting poisoned with all those necessary drugs.   She is still pale, but the dark circles under her eyes are gone.   No taste buds left.. but she did eat good.

SonNlaw did all the grocery shopping and put it all away, too!!    So he is a KEEPER in my book.   Plus he really loves and takes care of DD.   Another reason to Keep Him!!

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