Day 3 after round 3

mortonThis is our weather today…. rainy, cloudy and cool.

DD#2 is not having as much pain, and is thoroughly wiped out.   Up for a few minutes, then back to bed and sleeping.    All the side effects are there, but under control with medication and resting.

I did get to my walk and a nice hot shower!!   Gotta make an appointment for a massage this next week.   Helps with my stress and keeps the circulation going.  So far I don’t have to take any medication for “that Arthur”  problem.    (Knocking on wood )   I only have to deal with one major health issue and taking one pill a day keeps that thyroid happy.    I’m sure it has burned itself out by now and my maintenance dose keeps me going.    I will supplement my diet with a vitamin now and then,  but only when the stress levels get really high around here.    (like all this week?  lol)


Time to get into the kitchen and fix something for dinner/supper.   Thinking that stuffed peppers would    be good..


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