2 days after round 3 chemo

A day of dealing with side effects.   Not bad ones, but those that the pills control.   Nausea, mouth sore (thrush)  and all achy.     Taking 8 different pills, getting some food down and putting up with the feelings that “something isn’t right”.   Like before you come down with a bad stomach flu.

I notice the dark circles under her eyes, very pale, being forgetful and not organized.   Will be keeping a close watch on her the rest of the week.   Immune system is really compromised this week, so a lot of bleach wipes will be used.

I made my homemade soup .. vegetables.    All is pureed and  1/3 Cup of heavy cream added to all the cooked fresh vegetables.  Added rice and beans that was cooked and frozen just for this occasion.    Getting the proteins in there is easy with a mix of beans and rice.   Best of all she loves it.    Add in some crackers or bread sticks and you have a great meal.

As everyone rested, I cooked, cleaned and sewed a bit.    The Rope baskets I made sit next to my sewing machine to catch fabric/sewing trash…   And guess who decided this was a perfect spot to supervise my making  of Disappearing 4 patch Blocks??

cat in a basket Smudge seems to be doing a quality control check.   Or is this a Time Study look.

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