pre work up results

today (Monday)  is the day all the blood is drawn and evaluated for Tuesday’s Chemo therapy.   All levels are great, except for:

Magnesium was way low.   I know she has been complaining of legs being wobbly and arms have started feeling week.    So tomorrow when she goes for the FULL load of drugs, she will be getting iv magnesium and iv nausea, before they give the iv chemo.     Also has a pill for Magnesium added to her list of stuff to take.    cat%20happyThe steroids have her acting like “speedy Gonzales”  with Motor mouth syndrome …   Finally got her fed and resting.    Her Hubby will be taking her tomorrow morning for all the infusions.   Then she will be home Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

storm%20cloudLater this evening we have storms coming our way.    Figures:   John just mowed his mother’s yard and ours.

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