Round 3 beginning

Rd 3 medsThe meds are here and we are gearing up for the next round of Chemo therapy.  This is #3 for DD and she is really ready.   It was a great 3rd week / Round 2 with her father.   She had very few side effects and his visit really helped her look forward with renewed energy and strength.   Just knowing he was here for her and spending the one on one time with her brought back that touch of BAD girl attitude I knew she had.     She is really strong but needed the reassurance that only he could give her.

I’m probably overly protective, but I would walk thru fire to help her stay strong and beat this thing.   Things that happened in the past can go to Hell, and I can swallow my pride to get her to fight and win this battle.   I am not important, I’ve lived and done about everything I ever wanted or dreamed of.   It’s time to give myself and all I know to make her journey the best it can be..

I’m here to help .. we will climb this mountain straight to the top and never give up.

And thus we face this coming treatment with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence.     Thanks to her father.     I may have to call on his assistance again in the future and it helps to know that he will come when needed.


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