Round 2: week 3

Interesting time since the last chemo treatment.   just saying we had to call the Hotline a couple of times.   White patches in the mouth and feet that went numb.   Both times we got great service with a call back and medication .   I love that Oncology Team of DD#2’s.    Thrush is treated with a “swish and spit” med and the foot neuropathy  (early sign is the numbness)  with Vit B6  1 pill twice a day.

This coming Friday, DD’s father is flying in from Florida to see her.   It’s been a couple of years since they had time together.   Dining out and a trip to the Transportation Museum is the game plan.   (He is a vintage car nut)

Meanwhile I am sewing on the stacking block quilt.   Has a lot of Y seams and matching them is a bit hard.    I am glad to have something to take my mind off the Treatments we are going thru.

Below is the Circle of Caring quilt sent to us by my favorite bunch of peeps.. Missouri Star Quilt Company Forum members.    They put lots of prayers and hugs in each stitch.    Blondie is the chairperson and started this group.   DD loves this quilt and takes it to each round of chemo…in her carry bag.

coc qlt2015   When receiving the iv chemo drugs, they often give you you dress in sweats and have a blanket to cover up with.. It takes 3 to 4 hours for the iv meds to be given.   First an anti nausea drug, then 2 different chemo drugs.     DD generally has 2 to 3 good days afterwards, then the side effects kick in.  Mainly it is feeling exhausted and vague aches/pains.

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