week one of Round 2

DD is at the exhausted phase of this round of chemo.. sleeps a lot,  up to eat and do her mouth care routine.. then back to the front room recliner or day bed.   The realization of what a long haul this Cancer Treatment means is setting in.   It’s a fight everyday.    Mentally and Physically.    We are so blessed  to have such supportive friends and relatives.

I do all I can to help out.. and lend moral support.    Trying to keep a normal routine around here helps.   While cleaning out my fabric closet,  I found a box of Half Hexagons I cut out last year and am trying to put together a small quilt.

So far I like this layout.. On my Design wall: June 8, 2015.    Do you see the Half Hexi’s?


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3 Responses to week one of Round 2

  1. Gary Iglesias says:

    This is incredible! !!!. It drew me in, i could not take my eyes from it. I hope all will be well, as a chemo alumni, I know what we go through, good days and bad days.

  2. Lori says:

    That is amazing! I love the 3d effect. And I had to make the pic bigger to see the half hexies. Is this your design or are you using a pattern? I can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. grannysgab says:

    Lori, I saw this once in a small wall hanging.. had to give it a try with my 5 inch half hexi. I have a larger half hexi and think it would make a great table topper. Hmmmm?? have to find that 10 inch H/Hexi and do a few cut outs.

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