First round



b4 cut


I feel like the worse part of her first round of chemo is behind us as I write this.  Tho there is still lingering effects.. “sore intestinal track”.

I was woke up 2 mornings in a row with some really bad pain and her needing  “help”..   First it was Constipation,  Then the bone pain set in.     Both problems were taken care of by me… as I was an oncology nurse for many years.     Yes, I can handle emergencies and know what to do for others in pain.   If it were me suffering, I loose all sense and can’t think.. there fore depend on others around me.    My DD#1   is just like me..   all we know when we are hurting is to “get Help!”

Today DD went into work for a half day.. The extreme fatigue is part of her days now.. and we fix her lots of Healthy foods.. No PILLs since many contain drugs and things that will counter act the chemo.   Smoothies are a MUST.. and then there are the “raw egg”  smoothies for when the innards get really sore and painful.

No mouth sores at this point.. And she still has her hair.. altho she decided to cut it short…   It made her cry but being the rational person she is.. “It will be easier to get used to the hair loss”.    And we reassure her that “it will grow back”..   These are her natural curls, too!!     after cutTaking it one day at a time and settling in for the long haul…

We hug more often and are thankful for each day.   Loving more and complaining less.      Grateful for what we have and trusting all will be given as needed.


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