DSCN7649These are the blocks from Great Gram Sadie & Her Sister, Lillie.  All are hand sewn and pieced from their old clothing.   Makes me wonder which were blouses and which were skirts/ dresses?

I will be putting blocks of white between each as laid out here on my design board.     Nothing new, right?

Well how about doing it with this baby.??  Treadle


She’s a beautiful treadle: just like the one I learn to sew with back in the day… early 1950’s.    And I needed to “relearn”  all it’s ins and outs… bobbin winding, working my feet, and tools for quilting.   Making sure she is well oiled is #1

The videos I need to watch to get started…. Treaddling.

It is time to challenge myself and review stuff I think I’ve forgotten.. hope some of it comes back to me quickly.   I just feel it’s time to touch those long ago days and remember what it felt like NOT to have any electricity.    Imagine, NO ELECTRICITY!! 

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