The endoscopy went without a hitch.   I have a tender throat, but cold fluids seem to help that.   Ulcer is gone… so I will continue with the same diet and meds.   Check up in 1 year to be sure everything is still good.

So I got to work on a little knitting project.   I knit from the top down.. and this is knitted on #13 usa needles.   When finished it will be a sweater for me.   I get chilled easily so I make my Sweaters and Shawls..  Vests are another quick cover up when you get a chill, esp in the Winter!


And I am listening to book 4 of the Empire’s Corp Series.   Yes, I am a Si-Fi fan.   I think there are about 2 or 3 more books in this series.   Love my ebook and books.   I get a Free book every month.





And I have a bunch of these blocks put together for that quilt My youngest GS wanted.. last year!   His favorites colors are the greens.    The lightest color is a mint green and graduates to the darker blue/green.     I still have 12 more blocks to make for a really big quilt, since My GS is still growing and will top out at almost 7 feet.   (he is already 6′ 1″ at age 14 )cntrBindingTool


Off to bed – can’t have any more excuses to be a lazy bum around here.   I’ve not had to do much for the past few days.. just puttering around the house and making messes in my sewing area..

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  1. Lyric Joy says:

    What a cool name for a blog. I like it. Followed your link from Missouri Quilt Forum. Glad you shared it.



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