I’m sorry for not getting back here in a timely manner.   I hate it when I go to a blog I follow and find nothing new for over a week or two…  even tho I know life gets in the way, it still erks me.    Now I’ve done the thing that I dislike…  Sorry.

These are reasons and not excuses for not being here.   I hope you will understand.. First I am human and often get more involved with myself than thinking of others.   Selfishness.    birdsOh, look!   there’s a bird.

I do get really tired and that happens very often… age and trying to heal an ulcer.   Often I will just do too much and sit down to rest a bit then fall asleep for over a hour or 2…often 3 or 4 hours.   And I can still go to bed and sleep at night.


Inspiration often fails me and I don’t want to get boring??   Well, it is boring when nothing new is happening around me.   I am still working on the quilt I’ve told you about all this month…. not making progress at all.   Waiting on fabric I ordered for the top / header.quilting HS front

Then, too, I get really scattered brained… jumping from one project to another.  Nothing falling into place and I can’t make sense of any one thing I am doing, except It feels good to jump into a new thing.    Unable to decide where to take this train of thought or project,  I walk away and can’t get back to the point where I left.     I think that makes me human, a woman, and a poor blogger.

disappearn 4 patch

There you have it… and is there any cure?    Nope, I am what I am and will probably do it again and again… 28 stacks

Esp. since I have another endoscopic exam due this Monday (13th).    Tho they are generally a simple procedure, It takes me a couple  days to recover from the general anesthesia… talk about a fuzzy head.. I have one afterwards!!

But Spring is here!!  and I plan on sitting outside and soak up some RAYS… Good ol vitamin D!   This is why you won’t see me here for days and days.. daffieslilliesGotta get some gardening done.. and new plants in the ground……..

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  1. Sometimes life gets in the way and it’s not possible to blog regularly….I suffer from the same thing.

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