Let there be LIGHT


Pssst,  Will you turn on the light so I can see?bending lightIn case you may have forgotten, I do have limited vision and need help focusing and then seeing what I focused on….

Well, I am ecstatic to find this quilter’s tool.    A bit pricey at +$50.00  but I got it last week  for +$20 when it was the Dailey Deal at MSQC…  This is my review since so many ordered one and there have been mixed feeling about it.

Pro: small and easy to attach.   Doesn’t interfere with my fabric and thread.   A nice long cord that allows you to go from machine to outlet without problems.

bending light attached

Con:  A lot of cord to keep out of the way of sewing… Since my outlet is above my machine,, I tied it all up and attached it to the back of my machine.. away from moving parts.   Otherwise you will probably want to go down under your machine.. taping and (fasteners included) attaching hooks under the top of your machine and cabinet to get to your outlet if it is below your machine.

2nd:  My machine is rounded on the side, so the flat light holder just wouldn’t stay in place on the side, thus it is ON TOP..

light cord (the bunched up cord)

And as much as I love this led light.. it is a bit pricey at the $50 mark.. so look or wait for a sale..   The best attribute I found was the small size with the great focused light!!

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