Bee in my Bonnet

patternsofpast_smallIt’s Sunday here in my part of the world… and I do absolutely nothing that isn’t needed.    So on my “do nothing” day I browsed thru this book I ordered..  Ahh.  the things that I accomplish during my Day Dreaming Sessions.   I’ve built this whole quilt!!

Then reality sinks in  and I come out of reverie with a deep sigh.   Yes, it is a some day project.. one I’ve longed dreamed about and have only gotten to the “ordered the pattern” stage.  hannah

But today I traced out one pattern!!    Hannah—   on see thru plastic.  (from my office supply scraps) The book says you use – Transparent Template Plastic and I will need to order some if I can’t find any more “office supplies”.

No these are the grown up Bonnet Girls,   Not the Sunbonnet Sue blocks.   Since I loved playing with paper dolls during my childhood,  I know I’ll enjoy making the Grown Up Ladies..

. Fran Fran, Hester, Jessica & Meg.

hesternewhat_9-10-00_small Jessica%20from%20class MegAfter all I do love to quilt, too.



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