stitching & stitching

DSCN7585 DSCN7586

Am working at the quilting part for my Hunter’s Star.   The back is starting to take on the pattern of the stars on the front.  I should have had this all done and started on the borders, but Life gets in the way of good intentions.    I still have to do the hunt for all my stencils to use on the borders.  Can’t think of where I put them when I cleaned up this past Christmas.    Hummmmm???

Reactions to medication and their ugly side effects took away my momentum and I’ve had to stop taking one of the pills.  Has taken me a couple of days to re cooperate from all the medicinal side effects.

Good news; the tissue samples that were taken during the endoscopy came back negative for Cancer and negative for a bacterial infection.     So it has to be another strict diet and am hoping to try a natural remedy that will neutralize/reduce the acid.


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