One step Forward–

The first layout using the lighter blue/white blocks.   bad blks

Nope, just not doing it for me..  great fabric, but this pattern really calls for just 2 fabrics.. A dark/colored and white/neutral.  The outlined area is just wrong for this pattern.   Since I had a Fat Quarter bundle, I wanted to use it as my test  quilt.  I was able to get 2 sets out of each fat quarter.     DSCN7574

Yes!! Much better.   I will enlarge this 3/3 row quilt with wider borders and it will work out just fine.   Now that is how I like to make progress.     I do have 3 blocks left over that I will use elsewhere or for a smaller project.

On the home front, the endoscopy went well.   I have a couple areas on the esophagus that was biopsied and am awaiting the results.   It looks like an ulcer at the Barrett’s scared area.. and I’ve gotten enough pain meds to help me remain sane and active.   One step forward… or just taking it one day at a time.


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