Goodwill find…..

Guess what Candle Sticks I found at Goodwill??   They match the “red” lamp I’ve owned  for over 15 years.  They look like parts to a lamp.. and I could buy an electrical lamp kit and make these into smaller versions of the “red”  Lamp,,, but NO!!  These will remain as found.    (they look silver in the photo, but actually they are brass- just like the BIG lamp) DSCN7544

DSCN7563The big lamp’s origin happens to be from Chicago.. As the story was told to me, it was gifted to the families Grandfather when He made His first trip from the Farm and was introduced to  Night Life that was available in Chicago’s red light district.    On the train ride back home he was presented with the Big Lamp as a memento.


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1 Response to Goodwill find…..

  1. deon says:

    Love your Goodwill find! I also shop there so far 2 sewing machines have made there way home from trips. Thanks for sharing. Deon

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