In My Head


doing nothingI don’t care if it is snowing outside…(first good snow of 2015)  I am busy inside cooking and making messes in the kitchen.. Meat loaf done, roasting broccoli, salad in refrig  and fabric stretched out waiting to be cut into pieces for my Hunter Star Project.

Dishwasher loaded with the New, all Glass storage containers.. We did away with the plastic since microwaving plastic does nasty things to your food and you don’t wanna ingest any of those weird chemicals..

Cub-boards cleaned and all plastic removed from top to bottom,, even the Plastic utensils are gone.  Two loads later and I’m all done…

Vacuumed up the fur bunnies and all that is left is some dusting.. A quick run thru with the Swiffer and It’s good enough.

I burned my little finger on the hot oven, too!!   Did it slow me down?   Nope, I remember a little trick from DD#1    .   Put Mustard on a burn right away __NOT BUTTER like my Mom taught me.    But MUSTARD>>   It works!!!  HONEY MUSTARD no less.   It was the first bottle I found ..  leave it on and wrap it up in a paper towel just to contain the mess.      Burning and stinging went away and an hour later; no pain, no blister.

And all the while:  I am doing some gardening in my head… 

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