Resolutions or resolves

NYChampaignIt’s time to change out your calendars and get nostalgic about what all you have accomplished or experienced over the past year..  Then resolve to make changes for the coming year.     I used to make some pretty impressive resolutions on Jan 1st.   but by March I’d pretty much forgotten what they were and why I made them.   Thus I have learned NOT to  be so hard on myself when looking back  and just get excited about the coming year.

If making promises to yourself, Take little steps.  Don’t get in over your head and set yourself up failure right out of the gate.   Just remember to be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself and Love Yourself enough to set aside those impossible goals.. and know that failure is ok… the reward is in Leaving fear behind and stepping  out on that limb that says “YES, I CAN.”

Therefore My Word for 2015 is :   Reward 


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