explaining my MIA

I got a bit busy with charity quilting,, then I just ran out of things to talk about.. It would just be a repetition of what I’ve already shared here if I did do a daily report of my activities.  And doing the same thing day after day isn’t very interesting, is it?

So I just stopped taking pictures and thinking of new ways to say the same ol things..   Energy level has been down, then up, then back down so I use that as another excuse.

I am keeping busy with quilting and often I just don’t do any sewing for days.  I got into pc games and spend a lot of my time just goofin around.   DD#2 keeps asking if I am alright.  and I  really am doing well.     Just a quiet period in my life for now.      So don’t you worry about my absence ,  It just me, being ME..

Maybe when the weather gets too cold to play outside, I’ll get back here with ya all.    Granny

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2 Responses to explaining my MIA

  1. I understand how that goes…the same thing happens with me and my blog. I’m somewhat in the same mode myself right now. It’s good to know you are doing well and still sewing. Take Care.

  2. blondieprim says:

    missing you, but, I understand. LMK how you are doing when you get back online. Big hugs to you, my dear friend.

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