sick days

BugI have to apologize for ignoring this blog.. Just letting ya know I have some sort of stomach  bug and haven’t felt up to doing anything except hold my head in my hands and moan… in between rushing to the bathroom.    Today is the 3rd day and I’ve had some improvement with rushing off to the bathroom.. so maybe I’m gonna get better sooner than I expected.   Thankfully DD#2 has stayed home to hold my hand and “nurse” her mommy.     (Hugs, DD#2)

I don’t get anything accomplished when feeling this poorly.  Make too many mistakes and waste material and my time.. so I will put off any sewing, cooking, stamping or yarn work til this thing has passed…   Maybe by Monday I’ll be back to my mean ol self…    I hope.    (where’s my chicken and noodle soup?)

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2 Responses to sick days

  1. I hope you feel better soon. Barb

  2. Barbara Johnson aka GrammaBabs says:

    Hi there,, it’s GBabs from M*.. just stopped by to check out the latest… Sorry your feeling poorly..I am one who has suffered the “stomach” issues .. over the last few years I’ve been able to function after a surgery,,, but it’s about the worst ailment going.. add that to RA and “thank the lord for sewing, knitting and crochet”.. I’ve finished one hat and working on another.. will write soon for the address… Be well friend.. I’m off to look around some more…:)

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