Punch art

Well, ya know how I like to surf around the net and find stuff of interest.. (to me mostly)?    I discovered Punch Art.   Ya know all those special paper punches that scrapbookers and Card makers already know about and have collected for their hobby??  Google, EK success or Stampin up,,   for all you would ever want to find in Paper Punches.

Well, I dropped my last dime on a bunch of paper punches.. just the basic shapes for beginners..   And here is what I have made with those pesky Punches that I  “just had to have”..

I made all this with just one punch.. made by Stampin up.    There are 4 different shapes from one punch and you can mix, match, curl, roll, stretch,  ink, paint and play with making flowers all day ( or night since I was not able to sleep)

buds         punch art 2 punch art          punch, ink art  I can’t explain my technique or what steps I used to get the finished flower or card.. I just know I had dirty fingers and sticky glue all over the place… Not to mention the glitter glue found in some strange places.

This is what happens when you give Granny a computer !!   She get to go thru art class all over again, and again, and again!!!

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