All tore up

271186968059_1_0_1 We are doing some insulation installation.. (try saying that 3 times, real fast!)   and the only access to the addition on the house is thru the roof in my “sewing closet”.     The part of the house that ISN’T   insulated..

I cleaned out the closet, boxed up all my sewing goodies.. and it is stored behind my recliner, under my bed and along any outside wall space that is available.. I have just a walk-thru to get to my computer and chair.. tv has a remote (thankfully)  and I won’t be able to see my desk top til this “improvement is finished..  No sewing when I can’t sleep.. and the worse part- ??   I can’t find anything I need or want.    I’m getting that Too Much Stuff Hoarder Feeling with this mess!!

The hard part for me is having all these “men” traipsing thru my bedroom… Ewww, don’t even go there with your “little” mind..

Maybe some Shopping Therapy??   But there is no place to HIDE it..



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