my best TIP for quilting / sewing

I was recently asked what my best tip would be to New sewers/quilters.  Well I would have to say having this little fold up table has been the best tool I ever purchased and best tip I can give anyone who is just starting.


And My friend, Chelsey, has featured this tip on her blog..


I use my extra flat surface for so many things.. even eating off of it when I want to watch a special program on tv..

I also have 2 larger folding tables for when I am sandwiching my quilt tops.. need lots of room to spread out and pin the layers together.

This keeps me off the floor and suffering from the “I can’t get up” syndrome.

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One Response to my best TIP for quilting / sewing

  1. Chelsey says:

    I have to say, Judy, you are my new blogger best friend 🙂

    If your ears are red, it’s because I was chit-chatting about you.

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