My present finally arrived… and I am so happy with it..   I’ve wanted one of these for such a long time (over 3 years)   and there was a sale on it this season.  Sooooo—- here it is.!!!!


My very own “big girl”  Go fabric cutter!!   Not the BABY one, but the Big one.. man it is heavy!!!  I got busy and cut some fabric with the 2 dies that came with it..  Now I gotta get some sewing done!!  After I cut some more fabric!!

Since my Favorite Spa place closed it’s doors, I have had to resort to doing my own Pedi’s til I find another  shop close by..  DD#2 has this little gadget that makes my life so much nicer..  Awww – I have always love my footies soaked!!


It’s been a great Christmas!!!

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One Response to It CAME!!

  1. Wishing you loads of fun with your new toy and a very Happy and Healthy 2014. Barb

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