A finish

Just in time for the Spooky Holiday.. and the dropping temperatures.

I finished this rather large (double bed size) Jelly Roll Quilt.   Nothing fancy except for the quilting part was done in the style of a spider web…and then applique on the spider.   Here, less is more.

spider quilt  back quilting pattern.

spider back  And the spider… machine sewn with  zig zag stitch. the spider

DD#2 immediately claimed it since the temperatures have drop dramatically this week before Halloween.. And she just had to have another quilt for the bed.. esp  this one!!


side note:  it took 2 1/2 jelly rolls to make this size quilt.. each Jelly Roll has 40 strips of fabric that measure 2.5 x 40 inches.


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One Response to A finish

  1. Eileen says:

    what a brilliant idea ! Can you tell me please how many Jelly rolls did you use to make it a double bed size?

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