sewing Perfect circles

YES, you can sew circles faster.. Notice I didn’t say easier.   There IS work involved, but you can skip a step by doing the this circle sewing method.   YOU won’t have to draw a circle on the fabric, find a template in the right size nor try to sew on that curving line..

Material needed.  Flat head thumb tack, painters tape, ruler,  box of cheap fabric softener sheets and squares of fabric.


circle sewing

Set up your machine:  If you want a 4 inch circle,  measure 2 inches away from your sewing machine’s needle.  tape down your thumb tack.. and anchor it with more tape.  there is a lot of pull on the tack so it is necessary to tape it down securely.


You will need to find the center of your fabric squares, so I fold it length wise then fold it again in half.. crease good with your iron or press it with your thumb nail..   Place the fabric face down on the fabric softener sheet with the center on the TACK..


As you start your machine, you will have to help guide and smooth the square fabric to prevent a lot of pulling and puckering.. If your feed dogs can be adjusted, set them to low.. if not, then you will have to really do some pulling and smoothing as you go.   Start slow!!   and don’t expect the first ones to be perfect.   You’ll get better and find this a fun way to make some perfect Circles for your applique work.

Trim your square 1/4 inch away from the seam, cut slit in fabric softener and turn right side out!!


Remember :  Go Slow.  Divide the circle size you want in half and place your thumb tack at that measurement away from the Needle.   Cut your squares one inch larger than the finished circle you want.  Have lots of fabric softener sheets on hand.



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2 Responses to sewing Perfect circles

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    Thanks for the nice tutorial. I’m always looking for easier ways to make circles. your finished quilt turned out great!

  2. barbara johnson says:

    Hi Granny,, poked on over to your blog to see what’s up… and found this brilliant circle stitching idea.. you are a genius!!! GrammaBabs/Barbara Johnson M*

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