more flower templates

Here is another very simple flower to make with fabric.. You know those pom-poms that are in the kids craft area.?? well think of those for your flower centers.  They sew on the centers quick and Easy- just check to make sure they don’t bleed.   Or you could use decorative buttons.     Don’t the pedals look like Heart shapes.    Well 5 hearts will give you one pretty neat flower.



And here is another quick idea for a different flower- Daisy.    substitute  a Dresden  template  using the pointed ends for the pedals .. then the circle center .   All made with fabric.


The pedals on this cutie flower are in the shape of Leaves…


And how about some fat hearts  for pedals??

imagesCASXP04CWow I have a whole garden to play with.. And I don’t even have to get my hands dirty!!   Feel free to right click and save  if you want to use any of these flowers.  I got them from google – free images of flowers/black and white.


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