3 D fabric flower

First you need a template and I went searching for an image of My Flower. A Pansy.    PanseyI printed it on an 8.10 full page setting and cut out the pedal/s I wanted.  I think you can  “right click” and save the image.  It’s in .png..   I separated the pedals and cut out the shapes using some Purple Fabric..  But Pansies come in all different colors.. just keep the Black Face on your pedals.

cut pedals

Then I laid out my pedals face down on Fabric Softener Sheets.  And Sewed around them as close to the edge as possible.

sew 2 sheetNext trim around each pedal  and make a slit in the fabric softener sheet to turn the pedal “right side Out”.

slit sheet

Now to get those “black” areas on the center of each pedal.. Yes I did a lot of stitching on each pedal with my machine.   Forward & reverse.. forward and reverse.. til it looked as full as I wanted.

sew face pedals N buttonIt took 4 double pedals and one button to make up one Flower..

Pansey n purple

TA DA!!  Now make a dozen more… Sew them on your next top, on a kid’s jumper, Add Leaves and Stems for  a bouquet .. It’s a one of a kind- do it yourself embellishment …   Hope you enjoy making a few for your towels and wash cloths, too.    GRANNY 






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