Iron Quilter II time

It’s that time of year for Missouri Star Quilt Company to have a birthday and issue their challenge to all quilters.    Iron Quilter II    Just click on the title there and you will find the video issuing the challenge and the dates with rules.   I entered last year and am entering again this year.    It’s fun since we all get to vote on our favorite quilt/s

Grumble, Rumble, BANG!!   It’s raining!!  such a nice thing to wake up to this morning.    I like listening to the rain on the patio tin roof.  So my window is open and I’ve got “rain drops” going by Mama nature.

I did finish the top for the Ghastlies.. It’s huge and am waiting for more backing fabric so I can sandwich and finish.   It is now in the Que….

I finished the Fall Wall hanging  I started last year.. I put it aside so I could do the Iron Quilter Challenge then.   Rather fitting I get it done, before doing this year’s Challenge.    DSCN6722

This one is actually hanging up in the front room.  Looking Pretty Good!!

Now I can just concentrate on ONE thing and that is the Quilt I’ll make for the challenge this year.   I got my required charm pack/s and am at the half way mark of sewing it together.. That is just the top.    Since I went with an applique theme/pattern, I’ve still got a long way to go.   So wish  me luck  that I get into the contest on time.!!



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One Response to Iron Quilter II time

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    That big black spider will look terrific on your JRR quilt! It’s amazing how a little applique can dress up such a simple and speedy quilt. It’s a perfect pattern for when you need something fast. Happy Sewing!

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