Keeping busy


Backing fabric arrived for My Ghastlie Quilt. 3 yards worth of Michael Miller’s  Nevermore Portfollio..Black Collage.   It’s thick and luscious to touch.  It should be enough if I add the 2 yards of Kona Black Solid.

Into my project box it goes until I finish the front (flimsy) .  I’m still waiting for the other 2 yards to get here.   Tracking numbers say they are in route and hopefully they will be here tomorrow.  Just saying I HOPE!!   One whole sewing machine is covered with the fabric pieces for this quilt.

I get plum lazy when it’s time to change out the color of thread and fill up the bobbins.    Let’s just keep it simple and finish up this quilt before starting on another…. Or  I could go use the other machine…   WAIT… I am using the other machine for some “repair” work for SonIL’s work shirts.   But I still have to switch out threads and fill bobbins.     I guess the repairs would keep me busy til the Ghastlie’s arrive??      OK, I’ve talked myself into it… REPAIR work today – fixing pockets on knit work shirts.

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