entertaining the Ghastlies

2 strips

I’ve managed to get 2 strips of Ghastlies together.. No I didn’t measure anything til I got to the Framing stage.   Then I lined up and trimmed each vertical row to match.  I’ll be putting more Ghastlies in here once the next batch of fabric arrives.  I purchased 1 yard of each of the following fabrics.

160975740871_1 380711831916_1

I’m just winging it with this top.. I already know the quilt pattern I’ll be adding to the sandwiched layers.. Spider Webs in black thread!!   That backing fabric is still on hold.  Had a delay in it’s delivery.   Sure hope She comes thru with more of it.. (on back order).    If not, then I’ll have to rethink the backing.

There I go crossing those bridges before I get to them..   Right now I’m just taking my time and enjoying the process of creating.   And meeting all the Ghastlie Family Members is quite a treat…     GRANNY

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