Ghastlie Time


We’ve been puttering along with this fabric.. Ghastly is all I know it as.    It was a fun Halloween fabric from last year.  I saw it used in a quilt … thus started my quest to gather fabric for my own version of the Ghasties..    Not sure where this one is going as I am making it up as I go along since I didn’t find a lot of fabric with the Theme,  “Ghastlies”.. so far I’ve bordered my blocks with 1.5 inch black fabric for a frame.     Next comes making the blocks all the same size Using the “spider web” fabric.    I’m waiting for another fabric to come in the mail for a filler block.   And the Ghost Fabric I am saving for the backing…    Hope it doesn’t take me another year to get this one put together.

I am keeping both my sewing machines working full time.   Quilting the Fallin 4 Blu with a stencil pattern.

marking pen  stencilquilting

Leaves, vines and a flower.    Not my best work, but it’s a first and I learned a lot using this method of marking with stencils.  #1. Never get in a hurry!!!   #2. The ink in these Water-soluble Pens will disappear on you really fast, so mark one block and quick!!  sew it before the pattern fades away!!  Don’t think you can mark the whole quilt then sew at your leisure…NOPE it Don’t Work That Way!!     GRANNY

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