Friday b4 the week end….

Ipod from DS when he was here… got a couple good reads downloaded.  Stephen King is first up..  about changing the assignation of John Kennedy- time travel what if’s.  Only 2 chapters listened to so far.

2013Ipod rug2013

Here is that dark rug that the fur babies love.. My recliner is in the upper right corner.. Yup they match…  And I am working with stencils to quilt with.   So far I am liking what is happening.   Just trying to work out the entire quilt and where to place the two stencils;  border of ivy leaves and a pinwheel flower.   I’d go faster, but my marking pen keeps disappearing as it dries..   Nothing like having your line go away as you are sewing..   It’s only suppose to go away when you use a damp cloth or wash it.    Still learning , every day!!

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