I got my Grandmas Garden Quilt back from a professional long arm shop.   Missouri Star Quilt Company     They did a beautiful Job  and Next month I think I will send in another..   Now I have to get busy and put the borders on it. Then it will officially become a Quilt!!     I’m loving the crisp, clean,  Fresh Air, Spring look to this one and It’s a keeper..  shamrocks


Why Shamrocks??   Well ya know I come from a long line of  Scott-Irish & Penn. Dutch women.   (haven’t found the Men lineage in my Genealogy searches)  So we have our talents and traits from OLD stock…….  Granny

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2 Responses to Shamrocks

  1. Judy…Your quilt turned out so beautiful. I admired it the whole time you were working on it. M* did a beautiful job on the machine quilting. I like my quilts with dense quilting and this pattern is terrific. Congratulation on a great finish!! Barb

  2. DD#1 says:

    Love, love, love it!! Good choice~

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