In Stitches

I love Wine!!   I mean who wouldn’t want to have a glass of Vino ever so often, especially after a long week at work, or with a big plate of pasta? Candle light and conversation??       Wine just goes with everything..


These Little Panels make a perfect spot to set a glass/cup and small snack.. or use them as a mouse pad!!  8″ x 12″ is a  Perfect size for gifting in the stocking.     I’m just doing a meandering stitch over them, binding off the rough/raw edges and signing my name to the back.. with stitches!!

DSCN6654 DSCN6655

Make one in an hour or less—-  I’m making a dozen for gifting this year.  We have co-workers and family who always need a little pick-me-up.. and they live out of state.. nice size for popping in an envelope and easy on the purse strings with shipping cost.

Are ya getting in the Mood for Christmas ??   Or just want a good glass of wine??     It’s all good!!

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2 Responses to In Stitches

  1. DD#1 says:

    Love them! And mine. Where did you find these panels?

  2. grannysgab says:

    I’m an Ebay shopper…… search under panels.

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