Reality Check

I have this conversation with myself about once a month… especially when I’ve filled all my nooks and crannies with fabric and projects.   Am I really gonna be able to use it all??  I mean it will take me years and years to do all that I have planned … Will I live long enough to get it all finished??     Half of what I have on hand right now, I don’t need.   What was I thinking when I bought it ?? 

I have to finish up these half done projects I have stashed around the  house.   Like use up the left over jelly roll strips of fabrics…  get those Christmas Gifts finished for DD’s co-workers..  (they all love hand made items)  Finish sewing together that mystery quilt that’s taking up all the space on my design board.    Get the Fallin 4 Blu  top quilted… and figure out what the heck I was thinking when I put together all those “project” boxes of fabrics. 

I got to Clean HOUSE..  DE clutter…  Get rid of stuff so I can see the floors and walls!!   I’m a Minimalist!!   So why do I have all this “stuff” taking up space in My Space??   I’ve over indulge my creative self with way too much stuff , AGAIN

So the push is on!!   3 quilts finished with the Orangey Halloweeny fabric strips.. and another top to quilt with same strips..  and I still have enough left over  to do one more quilt to donate to PICU in St Louis. PICUquilt

Just finished a (Hugs and Kisses) X and O pattern crib size quilt (#3) with those orangey strips.  Another larger one is ready to be quilted…. and still left over strips.. gads!!  Will it never get all used up?

a dozen sets

Got the kitchen towel sets done for Christmas for  DD#2’s Co-workers gifts. That’s a Dozen towels cut in half, sewn and crocheted tops for hanging..and a nice button  hand sewn in place.  NO I am not thinking of the ornaments I still have to make for them.. (I do one every year for each person)  AND, here’s the kicker– I have all the STUFF to make them.

DSCN6619Mystery quilt half sewn together.. That is one big quilt and still has to have a 6 inch border!!

And the following 2 tops are sandwiched and ready for the Quilting process.

falling4blusmlsampler I cleaned out a “cubby hole”  that hasn’t seen day light in over a year and donated / gifted it’s contents to my grown children.   Kept 2 purses that I just can’t part with..   There is still so much to “de-clutter”.   I’m not even looking at the Scrapbooks, rubber stamps and pictures I have in that bookcase that lives in a large corner of my space.

But it is time to USE IT UP..   If it has been here over a year and I haven’t touched it for that long, then It needs to move on out of here!!

I have a headache coming on and will have to stop having this conversation for now.  There’s always tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll find more stuff to “treasure”…

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One Response to Reality Check

  1. barbara johnson (GrammaBabs @M*) says:

    Judy… I think we are at the same place in life right now… your comment..( Will I live long enough to get it all finished?? Half of what I have on hand right now, I don’t need. What was I thinking when I bought it ?? Really hits home with me… but OH what fun it is… 🙂

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