Orphan Sunflower & daily life


I found another orphan block.  This one came from a “floral” swap I was in last year.  I just love the block and couldn’t just use it anywhere..  Cheryl V from Arizona.. here is your block!!  Front and center on my table runner for summer going into fall.   It’s perfect.  Finished at 14 inches wide x 46 long.   (pssst, there are more sunflowers on the back)

Monday just slipped by so fast  on me.   I was up early, got the messy kitchen cleaned, floors swept, casserole made,, clean kitchen AGAIN.. bathed, dressed and out the door to get my dentures refitted.   Yup, it’s been 15 years with the same fitting and not working too well for me these past few months.    Only took 15 minutes in the chair but took 45 to get there.  Stopped off at Big Lots on the way home to get some MORE jelly rolls..  (fabric strips)

picu July13   Who would have known that DD#2 fell in love with this quilt I am putting together for PICU donations.   Luckily There was plenty more Jelly Rolls, so I snatched up 3 more (24 strips in each roll).    Hope that will make her the Orange Quilt of her dreams.

I did get caught up with all the CLUES for the Mystery Quilt  “Into the Light”  before getting to bed last night.   I ate my fill of the Mexican Casserole, shut off all the lights and “burped” my way to bed.      Tried to watch some news and weather, but dozed off in “my” chair..  decided it wasn’t worth it  and hit the hay!!     I was out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail..

Today is my Laundry day… up and down the stairs exercises and bend, pick up and fold yoga poses and aroma therapy of clean clothes.    It’s raining this morning and I see a nap in my future.     DD#2 will be home early noon to go with the MAN of her dreams to his doctors appointment– follow up on treatments with that leg.

Me and the fur babies have the day to ourselves…. maybe a little bird watchin??  Look at the lower left .. hovering hummer.wing2

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One Response to Orphan Sunflower & daily life

  1. DD#1 says:

    Sounds like a full day to me! Today for me, it’s yard work – mowing and edging. Hoping to end it in the pool with a cold one. Tomorrow is ACLS all day. Then I have 2 sewing days planned – baby quilts to make. Will share. LOL…I think every quilt you make, DD#2 falls in love with it! Of course, what’s not to love…it’s a QUILT (made by Mom)! Love you all. Hope BIL’s therapy goes well!! Hugs!

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