Fallin 4 Blu


There is a “falling Charm” tutorial at MSQC.   that I just had to put my own twist on.. instead of using the 2.5″ strips and 5″(charm) squares, I used the 4 inch squares of fabric I had laying around.. (cut out for a project 2 years ago) AND 1.5″ strips called Honey buns.

This really turned out to be a striking quilt with only the two fabrics.  It has 8 blocks across and 9 blocks down.  Kinda square looking til I added the 6.5 inch top and bottom in White on White fabric from my stash.  The over all size  now covers the top of a single bed.  My problem is now what to back it with… Color wise I am stumped.   The best choice is the White… but then I don’t have any of the Blue/Green fabric left for binding.   Doubt if I could find anymore of that fabric any where.. but will look.   Meanwhile, this joins the UFO “tops only” box.   And I am off to a NEW Quilty Project.   


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