Had a Chill

I must have been running a temp or DSonIL got to the thermostat on the AC..since my body was shivering cold.  I went to my stash of yarn and whipped up a sweater while wearing one. It’s a dark blue/brown variegated one and all that is left is the sleeves. (another “knit from the top down” item)

varigated sweater I soon warmed up and the finish is yet to be—  but it is turning out to be soft and warm… yes, I tried it on already!  Wouldn’t you??


(it takes me about 3 days of steady knitting each evening as I watch t.v. to get this far)

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One Response to Had a Chill

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    I admire your knitting. Knitting is slow torture for me although I love hand knitted items. A few years ago I managed to knit a wool tote that was later felted in the washing machine. After the felting the opening was too small to easily get items out of the bag. I have a graveyard of knitted failures. I have a terrific friend in Canada who knits socks for me!! Your sweater is going to be so nice!! Good lucky finishing it!

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