Getting ready to do another quilt.. called a Mystery Quilt   “light into dark”.   I’ll have til the 22nd to find all the fabric colors I’ll need.   Having problems with finding light, med & dark REDS.   I mean red is red. bluish or orangey..  bright or Dull,  but still red.     I’ll probably keep looking til  I find something I like.   And need to find a darker orange…

But for now I have a large stack/stash  ready to be cut..   Light, Medium and Dark in each color of the rainbow??


If you are interested in finding out more.. head over to MSQC  and register to find the “group”  section..  I know you’ll recognize the Light Into Dark phrase.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping and getting a couple of dishes ready for Sundays cook out.. The K’s are coming here.. a first cook out for the Youngest Member of the K Clan since they bought this place.     He does a mean Grilled burger and dog.. sausages, too!!

Now that the firework shows are over, the dogs may let us get some sleep and go outside by themselves…  And I will be able to find some time to do a little more sewing..   finish the table runners and get the top put together of the Stitch in time from 1998.



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