Is it a Bargain?


Shopping the bargain bin at Walmart… great basic blenders.. each at least 1 yard.   and I usually have good luck getting bargains..  tho I wonder after unwrapping one and found the yellow tag inside.

DSCN6441 I paid 2.20 for the fabric.. yet inside was this yellow ticket saying $2.00.  It was 3.97 a yard.. I got 1 3/8 yard of fabric.  So maybe it was a bargain.   One never knows what Walmart is thinking and often the bargains are NOT BARGAINS.. just a play of the number games to make you think you are getting a deal.


And I have a top cut and awaiting the sewing machine.. Hard to find a ready-to-wear that fits me anymore.  And the pattern is so generic that I’ve enjoyed making this one before.. goes fast and looks great, esp in the batik I am using.

Off to do my laundry and get this day moving along.    After yesterdays accomplishments I am ready to use some fabric…   The antique sewing machine, Pearl is cleaned, oiled and belt on.  Runs great and sews just like I remember my Grandmothers machine.  Which was smooth.


The Serger  is threaded and ready to use.. the 9960 cleaned and waiting for the next project.

Remember to smile and see it spread to others faces!!!

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