another Holiday…

Whew, the Holiday is now behind me.. I’m relieved and hopefully I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings with what I’m about to share.    “Not everyone has a Great DAD”.    I didn’t meet my Biological father til I was in my late 20’s.  And the Step-fathers I had, I wouldn’t want to claim as being GREAT.   Yeah, they fed me, put a roof over my head,  but the crap I lived thru didn’t make them a Man to revere or  make you want to REMEMBER them as DADDY material.  There is a whole generation of us “step-kids” who lived thru some horrible childhoods YET, we turned out normal and productive.   Enough Said??   Yeah, I thought so, too.

The Best thing to do when faced with memories that are bad and unpleasant…Keep busy and don’t dwell on the past.  Nothing can be changed by doing that.

I shopped at JoAnns and got these lovelies for 40% off list price..  rubber stamps make me happy and I can be creative….


Did some sewing– got the backing for the Flag quilt at JoAnns, too.DSCN6436

And talked to my Cousin who was having a big family reunion.. Joyce & Art with photos of just her 5 Jacksons  in June 2013  (pssst….he has 4 )

artNjoyce2013 jackson5 joyceNrusty2013 joycie & rustyYup, that is my young cousin with her oldest…Then and NOW..

See I did it again.  Replace a bad memory with a good one.  Thanks Cous!!


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