Having a light bulb moment……

DSCN6369Here is the topper to my table runner that I told you about yesterday,,  I made the center from one of those Orphan Blocks that didn’t fit into any other project.   I like it better than the plain black.  What do YOU think??   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjGifl2m_3k

It’s got my juices going and LIGHT BULBs lighting up all over the place.   Hmmmmm. gotta see where this will take me.

Then the mail delivery brought me my swap items for a Patriotic Tumbler Quilt.   Another project that is up on my Design Wall…

tumble flag

A bunch of us gals cut 1 blue, 2 red  & 2 white “tumbler” blocks and switched them out // spread them around and just look at all the different fabrics!!    I’ll be rearranging and tweeking on this one  before sewing them all together.   That is what a Design Wall is all about!!

(size= twin bed)

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One Response to Having a light bulb moment……

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    I really like your table runner. It looks much more stylish without a solid center. The little tumbler flag quilt is so cute. I decided to wait until next year to make mine because I hve a different project lined up for the 4th. Yours will be wonderful!! Barb

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