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peonies2013It’s been a busy week around here.   Lots of yard work and enjoying the birds that fly in and out of the feeders.  Getting the dogs cleaned up, shaved and teeth brushed.   Having Hummingbirds show up at the feeder.. (they are so tiny!, I almost missed seeing them)     The Peonies are in full bloom so a vase is filled and on the table..

Shopped for the fun of walking around a couple of stores.  Yarn at a $1.00 a skein grabbed my attention and I stocked up.    I’ve been on the look out for more Lace.  And did a couple of bids on Ebay.. got enough to last me the rest of the year for under $10.00 .     Finished up the Pantaloons and started a table runner that follows this one made by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

That’s where I am right now.. with the table runner all ready to assemble at the machine.   I find my energy is lagging and time flies by now that the weather is warm enough to spend some of my day outdoors.   I’m more than ready to call it a day before the sun goes down.. often falling asleep in my recliner..

I’m really enjoying the sunshine in between the  rain storms.  Makes me think it is April instead of May.  I hope to be better at posting here more often, but who can resist a walk in the rain  or basking in those rays of sunshine??    Or reading a good book.. Hello!!


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