Projects of the week


the back of Mouse pad

 Here is the panel from the cat quilt fabric that had a nick out of the border..yet was big enough to make a little, something,somthing..   A Cat for DD’s Mouse  (Mouse Pad) I outlined the cat on the front so another cat appears on the back.    She loves cats!!  And took this one off to work. 

THEN, I had to buy these lacey inserts.. under sewing/ trims and notion/lace when you look on line.  I got 6 of them.. ??   What to do.. What?? 

lace trimDaisey's t-shirtTrimAs you can see I took 2 of them, cutting one into several pieces and placed them on a favorite T-shirt to make it dressy.. Used that Heat N Bond Tape for hems.   Then did some spot sewing around the edges.   Don’t want to wash it and loose my “Fancy N Frilly”.




I have a quilt in mind for my Half Brother who likes these colors and Purple…. (ecks?)   What color purple??   Never Mind, I went with the green and brown .. A Lone star with 9 strips of fabric..

Let’s hope it works like I have pictured in my mind…    I have a dark brown for the corners and side fill-ins.   It’s all about “work it out as you go”..   I do hope to get it finished for this years Christmas present.   These ideas of mine go very slowly when I get to the actual part of cutting and sewing..    

Over the week0end DD & I shopped for some flowers, potting soil and a water feature for the back patio.   Luckily we found everything we needed in one trip.   Menards and Wally World.  They had the best plants and fixings.   Now the birds can bathe, drink and eat all in one yard. 

DD has the Hummer feeder up and filled.   Hoping to attract a few of those little winged creatures.. They are so gorgeous!!  

Now when we sit out back in the evenings, we can watch it all and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  I won’t feel like I can relax until I’ve washed down the cement and decking around the hot tub.. but that is for another day.. when the rains let up..    



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