sml sunKissed

Yes, Sun Kissed is the name of the 5″ charm pack.. I used 3 of them (40 pieces each) and a honey bun of white for a nice twin size quilt.   The colors are much brighter in real life.   The pattern I used is called  tumbling charms.  A bit confusing as you sew them together and I’ve left in my mistakes.. One row sewn upside-down.    MSQC has a tutorial on U-tube.   I have the sandwiching, quilting and binding left to do.. but need to take a break from sewing .     There is the flowers to get in the planters,  Mother’s Day to celebrate and catch up on the laundry.

I can’t say I like the pattern, but I do love…LOVE the fabric!    And I do have one more charm pack of this fabric.   I’m not sure what to do or make with this one.   But I’m sure I’ll find something.

Hot tub is up and running.. back patio is pleasant place to sit and enjoy an evening now that all is cleaned and rearranged.  And I am thinking that Spring is gonna stick around til Summer makes is appearance.

And now I have a new book to listen to.. A Game of Thrones.    Taking a deep breath from all this sewing.



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One Response to SunKissed

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    What a beautiful quilt top! The fabric line is wonderful!!

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