Lots of ruffles!!


I still have layers of Ruffles to do…..

2pcSmlMeasure, measure, measure!!   The picture looks like it is ONE piece, but NOT.. That is a 2 piece. skirt is separate from the bodice top.. AND I still have another layer to add that has two layers that RUFFLE… Then it is done and ready for a final fit.


I didn’t get a picture of the back, but there it IS… all done and looking like it’s suppose to.   Did a fitting and all is WELL.   I found an old bra and cut off the hook & eyes.  Added to the top back opening so it would be adjustable and  IT WORKED!!   The tie-ribbons hide it all.   The waist has extra long ties for a come to the front for tying.   (just like the pattern called for).   I love it when everything works as they say it will.     I hope the 6 yards of lace will be enough for that last layer!!


This and a bit of shopping is on my plate for today..  At least the rain has stopped.  The flood waters are receding and  Life is back to Normal…….  as normal as we get around here, anyhow.

DD#2’s Hubby is off work for the next month and half.  Doing PT on that left leg since it swells up and causes pain to walk on it.. His job requires he crawl around in some weird places installing cable… He can’t do that without a lot of problems.   Back to square ONE.

I look at it this way:   I don’t have to clean the kitchen!!!    He is the best helper around the house!!


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One Response to Lots of ruffles!!

  1. DD#1 says:

    Love it!! It’s turning out beautiful. Keep sharing!

    Sorry to hear about J’s setback. But if you keep him moving, you can say you’re helping him with his PT!

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