sml 2Remember this UFO from 2011??  No?   It’s the one I called my traveling diamond.. (later I learned this pattern is called around the world)   Appropriate name, even tho I hadn’t a clue back then.  Well it is finished!!  Twin size summer quilt.   The backing is flannel and there is NO batting.


Next, I worked on the last 2 rows of flowers for Grandma’s Garden..  This one is gonna be a Keeper once I get it all finished.   Right now I am trying NOT to mess anything up..   and right in the middle of it, I got this other brain storm using Half Hexi’s..and all my left over pieces of  fabric for a scrapper look.    But there I go, getting too far ahead of myself.


I couldn’t leave the sewing area without trying the New Tut from MSQC… Tumbling blocks.   I don’t advise doing that one without having a design board.   ESPCIALLY  IF you make it with IMAGES  that need to be right side UP.  It was a night mare..



YOU are sewing borders on just 2 sides….. eeeeeeekkkkssss!!!      Did a lot of frogging on this small sample.  My next attempt at this tutorial will be with fabric that doesn’t have a “right side up”  design.


We didn’t have much water problems with all the rain since we are up high.. All the water rushed past us and down toward the river (which will peak and overflow its’ banks on Tuesday).   There was a dampness in the basement, but a de-humidifier and couple of fans has cured that problem.    Interesting how WATER Is so vital YET  it can be so damaging !!


This Is down the hill from us.. See the water in the background??    That is all the mud from our HILL…and a couple others.

We are staying dry and doing a lot more sewing while we wait for things to dry out…

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